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Mindly Rotten
Theater Of Torture And Agony
One day humans decide To build the largest prison ever seen
Far away where none cry could be heard the most reconditous and enormous place.

They knew their worthless life and very meek entered their own prison,
The structure of their confusion, Where they�ll be self punished and tortured Without any judgment cause they felt ever been guilty
At that stage a non temporal Autophagic insanity is played

The wrathful revenge of autophagic justice against human race
Killing themselves in a lustful And bloodful self extinctive act

Placing burning charcoals On asshole and genitals Hot irons marking the skin
Cauterizing deep and festering wounds

�The most exquisite agonies� were lived there,
all methods of execution And torture tools for everlasting And painful scenes
affecting with pleasure their violent and compulsive instincts,
crows and flies around Looking for decomposing remnants of flesh

Medley of pleasure sorrow and pain
�The sublime play of confusionof disorder
and devastation�,Self destruction catharsis

electric chairs gas chamber, gallows poles
dismembering by tearing out the skin and breaking out the bones
Placing molten steel upon the whipered wounds cellars filled with corpses and fecal matter

The self death disseminated through life. Chorus of �death with the affirmation and denial scream�:
�Deny or die��. �Deny or die��. �Deny or die��. �Deny or die��

¡But they never deny and preferred to die Waiting for the last sun fall, the end of this play�

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