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The Sadness And The Wrath
Unholy tear, grotesque shadow
Won't rise its wings - nevermore
Fly, raven fly, take my beak from out my heart,
And take thy beak from off my door,
Where I’ll find allay?
Wicked cry

(Across the threshold)
"Amnas in fer dalae feirg
As luss a chlaidib crodeirg"

(Acto primero)
"A lament from beyond"
And my host accursed, from tortuous
Martyr doom,
Its sails...
Revenants row on seas where is not peace,
In chasms forgotten,
Through realms of endless disgrace.
Forlorn souls, in deep lethargy
Awaiting the day... Of glorious return.

(Acto segundo)
"The wrath"
Our power grows in the shades, while the wrath
It's feed amongst the flames
Where the pain restrained had created,
Our purest hate
Down a shadowy shroud of death,
At songs nereids
Through its gelid oceans we'll return unto the shore,
To the shore
Sheltering solstice... Drawn behind light
On waning of the moon; ghoul's lullaby
Upraise us
- hear their chant, here is the night.
Cross the threshold!

(Acto tercero)
"Revenant’s request"
Oh! Sadism, emperor of the loss,
Lost creation of our endless and darksome throe,
Grant us vengeance over our enemies, we're thy sons
In this battle, with their blood calm our thirst.
Sadism pledge: I’ll bleed a sunset, waning
Light and drown all thane enemies
On their wails, that's our sign.
...grant us vengeance in reprisal for their scorn
Then thy servants will shine once again.

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