Letra de Of Visions And Blizzards 'Psyborg Corp'|Canciones de Cyberpunk |Harsh Electro |SciFi Opera

Psyborg Corp - Of Visions And Blizzards | Canciones de Rock y Metal Bandas Colombianas

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Psyborg Corp
Of Visions And Blizzards
Of Visions And Blizzards
(Lyrics And Music By Psyborg Corp)

For Far Too Long We Have Waited
The Revelation Of The Present And Past
As The Ancient Prophecies Reveal
What We Forgot And We Choose To Conceal…

I’ll Take Care, I’ll Watch Over My Legacy,
Dreams And Visions Were Divine
I Received Revelations From Above
Seven Shrines From The System Must Revive

By The Phoenix Of Ice It Has Been Sealed
From The Trees Bioluminescence Healed
They Brought Back The Forgotten Memories
It’s The Meaning That Comes By As A Frozen Breeze

The Quest Will Tear Us Away
Our Sacrifice Will Be No Shame
Lightning Bear The Destruction
The Galaxy Will Cleanse The Corruption

Freezing Brightness Of Fate
The Pulse That Judge The Rule Of Man
I Will Lead The Conclusion
To Unveil The Wicked Schemes Of Delusion

Stargazers, Light Glaciers
Got The Final Revelation
Salvation, Damnation
Visions From The Constellations

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