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Cradle Of DeceptionSepton2018
When the brightness falls
The spheres collide
In ancient rooms of dangerous anger
Pain is hard
And death is near
Another page to fill with fear

And the widest black sphere
Pretending to be wise
Achieved only farewells
No regrets, no gods to pray
Corruption blew the peace away

It"s time for war
It"s time for war

Renovating forces all the way
And preparing for the fire
We got intentions to declare:
Death for the liars!
Tragic stories just to tell
About how traitors fell in hell

It"s time for war
It"s time for war

This song is owned by Septon.

Revenge Live Session performed by Septon.

Recording and Mixing: Dave Arango
Camera and Video editing: Sharol Garc?a
Management and logistics: Billy Wehdeking

Progressive Symphonic Metal band.
Recorded 2017 in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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Un dia como hoy nace: Hernan Ramirez (guitarristas, 1978-12-11) de la banda Socavon