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There"s a part of me that"s buried deep inside your nightmares
I drive the chariot where your gods embark to kill
Once you meet me, you won"t ever be the same
Fear my presence, upon a throne where death will reign

I am the messenger of terror; I have a message to deliver…
I am the messenger of terror; I am the son of war!

I rise from where the sun spills beyond the sky
From where the ocean slams the earth with might
The wind strikes like stones and the pain resides beneath your bones

Death has a glance for everyone
Demise will come and have your eyes
The great gift of life I will redefine
Your legions will fall aside from my path
Wherever I walk, I"ll leave my mark

Dirigido por: Camilo Báez.
Audio Producido por: SYRACUSAE
Grabado en Red Spot Studio
Diseñado y mezclado por: Diego Rodríguez.

Subido en:2019-06-23 07:44:58


Un dia como hoy nace: Hernan Ramirez (guitarristas, 1978-12-11) de la banda Socavon