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Behold this astronomical outburst
While holding hands under the nebula
Our concrete fortress won"t provide us with shelter
For this slow motion collision

I wander through space and time
"Cause I don"t know who I am
Unraveled the deepest secrets of the earth
Still don"t know who I am...

There"s no turning back
It"s been already set in motion
There"s no turning back from a planet"s implosion

There"s no turning back
Never back to life
Never back to this present time
There"s no turning back

This human empire is falling
This is a premature answer to an interstellar calling
This human empire is falling down
This is a premature answer to an interstellar calling

Video Produced by: Stereobokeh
Directed by: Nicolás Buenaventura A.

Jerson Ibañez
Pia Grüter
Claire Seringhaus
Daniel Castellanos
Camilo Agudelo

Bogotá, Colombia / Berlin, Germany

Audio Produced by: SYRACUSAE
Recorded at Red Spot Studio
Engineered and mixed by: Diego Rodríguez

Mastered by: Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions, White Lake (Michigan)

Subido en:2019-06-23 07:27:46

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