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Trapped In The Morgue
Evangelized Through Suffering
Anomaly CarriersTrapped In The Morgue2017
Cracked surroundings
Walls of disgusting perceptions collapse
From tainted societies fervent religions arise
Agony, fate incomplete, pain emerges from their atrocities
Blood becomes clear when the real evidence is seen
A church bathed in gold is a museum of murdering
That must burn

Dismembered bodies recall the grace of god
A charming depiction of flesh and bones
After death the screams still are rumbling in the air
The strongest has imposed its truth
A thousand echoes in the mist of those whom had a life
A carnival of death where you must bury your own dead

Imprisoned in darkness, the devil has ruled their world
An endless reprisal, killing each other as their lord demands

Vile crimes by fanaticism
An eternal war founded in god

Lack of compassion, the thirst of revenge has won
Inherited hatred covers their hands with blood and pain
Slaves of lies drawn in theirs books
Faith control their brains while nasty greed manipulates a conflict where the innocents shall pay

Imprisoned in darkness, the devil has ruled their holy battle
Vile crimes by extremism
Entire generations fall

Dystopian reality, a curse of history
Blinded by fear, the absurdity will be their remembrance
Intoxicated souls evangelized through suffering
Hoping redemption through immolation

Dir. Beto Vera.

From the album Anomaly Carriers.

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