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Under Threat
The Lower Man
HipostasisUnder Threat1999
Beyond understanding
Where anger flows
The thruth of our nature
lies hidden
Unreasonable questions burning our minds
About our future, about our past

Scratching the doors of knowledge
Searching the lost kingdom of piety
Through time and space
Looking for something that we never lost
In a grotesque feast
of self compassion.

Kneeling before
his own uselessness and fear
Blinded by his own anger and pride
Caressing his own poverty
Sinking in his own misery

Digging the grave of his last ilussion
Drowing in the sands of homesickness
Lies the lower man.

Creeping sloth devours
His worm eaten spirit
Takes him to the road to hell
Made of self indifference and wrath
Appeasing his frustration
in the hope of eternal life.

Always wondering why, never wondering how
Waiting for salvation
Seeking the thruth outside
Ignoring It lies, in eternal struggle
Lives the lower man.

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