Mesmerizer In Flames, Power Metal Progresivo, Bogota.

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Mesmerizer In Flames, Bandas de Power Metal Progresivo de Bogota.
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  • Mesmerizer in flames (power Progressive metal) band boosted by the best bands of power metal in the world and tracing its musical future with trajectory and in turn musical demand creates potential expectations in the power metal scene in Colombia doing the corresponding, make music of Quality and giving a clear message in favor of social equity, ethical relations, moral and anti-human destruction

    Mesmerizer In Flames was born thanks to Jorge Pineda in 1999, with the idea of ​​promoting and promoting Heavy Metal mixed with the aggressive sound and technique of Power metal. Mesmerizer In Flames has an own style and unusual in the composition of their songs, being these influenced with the rhythms that comprise Power, Heavy and Thrash metal, focusing on the perfection of the musical technique in a first instance
    Throughout his career, Mesmerizer in Flames performed several concerts in educational centers and public establishments of the city, opening a way for the future route of the grouping.

    After ten years of having done individual projects, writing and composing much of what would be his first record, Jorge Pineda established the definitive grouping and received in 2012 his main interpreters: Mauricio Vanegas (Voice), Brayan Riveros (Guitar 1) and later Dario Espinosa (Drummer), who impregnates the songs of a progressive touch and arrangements inspired by Film Score and Classical Music.

    Arriving again with a renewed and better qualified musicians alignment to offer the public the best musical quality. Mesmerizer In Flames returns with better energy than ever, new influences and above all giving them the best Power metal of Bogot? with the certainty of covering the national and international public delivering a universal genre very worked and with desire of obtaining important brands in the musical industry. In mid-2015, Mesmerizer In Flames enters the studio to record their first album titled LEGEND OF VICTORY which is finished mixing to be released to the public. It is after this stage where they enter the lineup Felipe Sanchez and ) who have shown that this type of music if possible in Colombia.

    The band has performed pre-releases of singles like Killing the Vice and King of the Dark Coffins to measure their reception and as such, the audience has responded with a very good energy so the final idea is to officially release their album with The professional organization of a concert for its official launch.

Felipe Sanchez (vocalista)
Jorge Pineda (bajista)
Dario Espinosa (baterista)
Taylor Cuadros (guitarra)
Brayan Riveros (guitarrista)

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