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Morbid Macabre, Death, Black Metal, Medellin.

Activa, Evil Domain Productions

Morbid Macabre, Bandas de Death, Black Metal de Medellin.
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    This side project of Alex Okendo born at the beginning of last year 2008 was always a latent idea to create a sound of the old Death Metal that brings memories all those good times of the 80 South American metal this idea was even discussed at some point by Victor ex-drummer for Slaughter and Alex Okendo (me) to do this project,but because of lack time it was never materialized.

    During search of a drummer for Slaughter I decided to concentrate and create some compositions that were the fruit of nine tracks and then record it with the help of Alvaro Alvarez on guitars and bass all compositions and lyrics are by Alex Okendo Álvaro was responsible for the recording in his studios Nebuloza prod the city of Medellín, it is good to note that the guitar solos in this work are executed by guitarist Jorge Londoño Slaughter, a good job. Morbid Macabre is called "Hell and Damnation "and its lyrics are a serious critique consent to any religion or belief dogma human labor also brings a cover of the old Colombian band Astaroth CD comes out April 26 on the market in Colombia, as a limited edition of 300 copies also be coming out in United States under the label Blood Ritual in Japan under Obliteration Records, and in Germany under the label vinyl Iron Bonehead, work for these editions contain a band cover the Sarcofago (Christ Death).

    This new project is a tribute to all this good old metal done in South America where the younger generations have forgotten devoted to only remember the old days of Thrash metal and Speed Europe we can not forget that South America has a large amount of great metal bands and a style that has resembled nothing so did other bands in other countries.

    In 2009, with the unholy release of HELL AND DAMNATION, after showing the world how south american old school death metal should sound like, Morbid Alex oquendo decided to include highly skilled musicians and form MORBID MACABRE, a solid brutal band eager to play some gigs and join the unholy cult of the true sound of the underground metal scene. With JOANY EVIL KRAMER on guitar, JONATAN BUTCHER on bass, DANIEL HELL AVENGER on drums, and last but not least, leader and vocalist ALEX OQUENDO; the quartet began working on some new "full of rage and hate" material for their upcoming second album. Their first show took place in a small town on the country side, away from the city where about 50 maniacs were blown away with a killer performance. A second gig took place in a small pub in the city of envigado where the the response was so masive, the band immediatly knew they had to continue spreading words of hate against cristianity and unmasking the real face of those who continue taking advantage of humanity trough this criminal and lucrative organization that everybody calls church.

    That's why in 2010 MORBID MACABRE goes further and realeses a profesional, graphic brutal video clip for PRAY YOU DAMNED, taking their musical concept to a whole new level. Then after receiving different proposals from record labels around the world, IRON BONEHEAD from germany decided to make a 300 copies vinyl edition from HELL AND DAMNATION, which is going to be ready in November. On the other hand ERIK NEYRA'S Peruvian record label AUSTRAL HOLOCAUST is currently working on an incredible deluxe presentation with some bonus tracks, band poster, and video clip. So as far people likes what we are, what we play, and what we say, we're planning to stay here and we're going to be the voice against those closed minded religions and cultural enviroments which are doing nothing but killing the dreams, ambitions and the freewill of humankind.

    Hope to see you soon, worshiping death trough our unholy sonic cult.


    Jonatan Serna ( Bajista (como Jonatan Slaughter)), Death Kult (bajista).
    Alex Oquendo (vocalista)


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