Naxac, Black Metal, Medellin.

Actualizada a las 20 horas del 25 de febrero de 2018. Actualmente Inactiva. Sello discografico: Azermedoth Records.+[editar]
Naxac, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellin.

Naxac was created by Inferís (guitars) and thanatos (drums) in fullmoon days of June 2008 from the old and dark forests, expressing the most sublime sentiments of the human psyche and abysmal sounds start to emerge. In the early days the band played only instrumental sounds and some covers. Later this year joins as second guitarist Domos Aidaou and creating the first song under the name “The sempiternal death reign”, in honor of the night mortuary fields. In early 2009 comes Azif (vocals) to complete the worship of the souls of the underworld. So that this formation the band is completed to give full shape to the creation of music, with heartbreaking and fast sounds to feel the power and energy emanating from black metal, to sound very dense and melancholy through the doors of the imperceptible to reach the depths of the soul. Earlier this year the band recorded nine songs, and then plans to release a full-length under the name of “Paths of life and death’’. ..