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NICOLAS WALDO is a Guitarist, Composer and Educator. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards and composes Shred guitar music and progressive rock music as well as pure classical and jazz. His compositions incorporate a diverse amount of musical elements which include; improvised solos, odd meters, polyrhythms, ambients, classical counterpoint, jazz harmony, ultra modern harmony and others song forms. Nicolas is endorsment by ESP Guitars (ESP - LTD M-1000 ) and Official Full endorsment by SHARK TOOTH Guitar picks. The main equipment Nicolas uses includes: Boss GT-8 effects, Peavey Amps, Line 6 Effects, Ibanez RG prestige, Washburn Chicago series CS-780, Ernie Ball strings, Korg tuners, Fender cables, Sure SM57 microphones, Berhinger mixer,Toshiba computers, Yamaha Keyboards. Nicolas Waldo started playing guitar at the age of 13, on a Classical guitar his father had bought him. Nicolas began practicing and studying really hard at first, to the point of which his fingers began bleeding. His early influences include: Nintendo games music, Bach, Beethoven, Paganini, Chopin, Hans Zimmer, Metallica , Angra, Rhapsody , Dragonforce , Stratovarius , Helloween , Yngwie Malmsteen , Joe satriani, Jhon Petrucci , Dream Theater , Symphony X, Circus maximus, Kiko loureiro, Buckethead, Francesco Fareri , George Bellas , Vitalij Kuprij , Tony Macalpine and all good and excelent music!. Nicolas performing live very early on and gigged extensively with his bands: Higher Bells,Camelot, Exordium, Shey -kan .all the while he continually studied Music Theory, Harmony, Rhythm, Counterpoint, Form and Composition, music production and Sound Engineering in Universidad El Bosque in Bogota , Colombia. Nicolas is producer of the recording house “MEGGIDO RECORDS". Nicolas began teaching guitar in his early teens. During 2001, Nicolas began to new proyect .His soloist proyect NICOLAS WALDO. In 2002 Nicolas recorded his first demo entitled "Ripping the sky". It was this that led to him playing concerts around the city of Bogota and it was selected for the important festival but of that then in Bogota , colombia ”Tortazo Metal Fest 2002”. In January of 2005, he recorded another demo entitled "Ark of the Covenant". For this year Nicolas arrive at the semifinals from aid of guitarists “Fender Guitars” in Colombia organized by the musical house “All music” and continuous its cycle of concerts. At the same time from that then Nicolas to worked with the grouping of progressive metal Fire Lineage like composer and Lead guitarist In April of 2007, Nicolas began work on his popular soloist album, entitled "The Secret Place". This album is available through links on his website, and is extremely popular today in Colombia and others countries. Nicolas recorded, produced and played all the instruments on the album--guitars, bass, keyboards, and drum programming. At the moment Nicolas this producing and promotion his new album POWERSTATION and making diverse concerts and promotional clinics. Nicolas Worked like musician for concerts of Pop artists like Danilo Montero, Jerry marquez (Mexico), Mar , Evainc (Colombia) and others. CONTACT: NICOLAS WALDO Guitar Player Clinics - Clases (Bogota - Colombia) Movil. 311 - 2244685

Nicolas Waldo (guitarra), Energema(guitarra), Fire Lineage(guitarra), ex-Heaven Flames(guitarra), ex-Vorpal Nomad(guitarra).
Dionisio Taboada (bajo).