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No Prejudice is a band that was born in 2005 in Bogota after a Heavy Metal project was disbanded. Here, Diego Hernandez (guitar), Diego Morales (drums) and Mario Suarez (vocals) met, but it was only after Luis Hernandez (guitar) and John Monsalve (bass) joined that they were able to start developing their thoughts about music. The idea from the very beginning was to create music that reflected each musician's perspective in the writing process, and that meant not only the influence of many trends from blues, rock and metal music, but also the inclusion of reflections and experiences that were not specific to music. Thus, the name of the band accounts for the need to get close to the musical expression without any constrain, trying to make the listener get involved in an artistic intertextual exercise. During the second half of 2006 and the first of 2007, No Prejudice enrolled in a local mini-tour featuring other metal bands with the purpose of showing its music in a massive way. Likewise, the band was part of the 2007 version of the music tournament Rock Bajo la Septima in which attendants voted the band as the best Metal proposal. In addition, the band was elected the Best Metal Band in the 2007 Bogota Ciudad Rock festival, and after a qualifying process, it was part of the first Prog Metal Fest in Colombia with widely known bands of this genre. Finally, No Prejudice won a space in the 2007 edition of Rock X Festival which was sponsored and organized by the Engativa local governement office in Bogota. As a result, the song Drugs was released as part of the compilation CD created with some of the bands' contributions to the musical development of Engativa and festival.
In 2010, the band is releasing its first professional recording in which the band's both view of the writing process and vitality on stage are aimed to be reflected.

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