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OLD BLACK MAJESTIC was born in the 2002 for B-ASSAULT (vocal) but the blasphemous company of FLAUROS (guitar) in the you take care of bogota with the idea of playing the but raw and merciless BLACK METAL. Inspired for big of the METAL, mainly for those but bloody and infernal as: MARDUK, DARK THRONE, GORGOROTH, MASSACRE, JEZABEL, MAYHEM, SLAYER, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, MALEFICAUM, BEELZEBUL, REINCARNATION, NEUROSIS INC, HELL HAMMER, BATHORY, HADEZ (PERU), SARCOPHAGUS, etc. composes This way the first brutal topics and after some rehearsals MARIO enters as drummer to the band and they are able this way to carry out his live first presentations playing the but pure black aggressive metal and jackal after a time carry out the recording of the promo "Apocalipse" which possesses a dirty and primitive sound with two topics of profane annihilation capturing his hate darkness. Then he/she unites to the crusade as bear ANDRÉ contributing to the composition of OLD BLACK MAJESTIC, a perspective but technique and bestial, after composing new infernal hymns they unchain their demo it covers premiere " HERE ONLY WAR" with 5 apocalyptic topics


Un dia como hoy nace: Nelson Zapata (1980-01-15) bajista de la banda Extremely Rotten

Un dia como hoy nace: Edwin Fernando Trivino Lopez (1991-01-15) bajista de la banda Random Revenge

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