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Systematic Elimination, Death Metal, Manizales.

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Systematic Elimination, Bandas de Death Metal de Manizales.
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    • his project its just the B-sides, the photo negatives of their own personalities... their only performance the sickness trough the unknown side of the animic system, animated and powered by the flesh machines as we are...

      The band was formed in early December 2006 as a creation of Juan Carlos Montoya and Frank Valencia, as an extreme alternative to their previous musical projects.

      Systematic Elimination had their first concert on May 10th 2008 in Bogotá with the bands Burden of Hate from Bucaramanga, HumanSorrow from Manizales, E.S.M.A.T and Over Head from Bogota and ironically far from his home city Manizales.

      In July 2008 Systematic Elimination made his first appearance in Manizales at the Ecoparque los Yarumos in an event supported by the Mayor and the Institute of Culture and Tourism of the city, joining the bands from Manizales Leprosy, Evilord, Shade Agony and Epidemic with an excellent public acceptance.

      After their first public show, Systematic Elimination was invited to participate in the Grotesque Butchery Fest II, which was held on November 16th 2008 , alongside recognized bands, Animals Killing People from USA, Onanizer from Czech Republic, Sadistic Mutilation from Bogotá, Insane Butchery Disease and Goresophia from Neiva, ending with this event so successful activity in 2008.
      The year 2009 began with Systematic Elimination being part of the Manizales Carnage Gore ..s City performances in February 20th, which attended Blasting Hatred from Medellin, Sadistic Mutilation form Bogota, Abscarvio form Neiva and Wicked Spawn from Manizales.
      The line-up until that time was:
      Frank Valencia (Guitars) Juan Carlos Montoya (Voice) Gustavo Quintero (Guitars) Gustavo Torres (Bass) Edwin Serrato (Drums)

      The drummer Edwin Serrato leaves the band due to personal reasons.
      Even though there was not a drummer yet to play live, Systematic Elimination goes in to the studio to produce their debut album which is titled "Cyborg Embryogenesis”. Some Fragments of this work have been published in / systematicelimination.

      As a result of the debut album advances, some proposals came from producers such as Ukragh Productions from Ukraine and Poison Tree Records from Santa Monica, California USA, which will distribute the album Cyborg Embryogenesis in digital format through iTunes, AmazonMP3 and others specialized websites once the album is recorded.

      After a long search for a drummer Diego Hoyos joins the band. He was before a drummer of the bands Diprosopus Carnivore, Goreobscenity, Sadistic Mutilation among many others and currently a member of Corporal Punishment

      Systematic Elimination, at the moment, is finishing their album which is being enhanced by Diego Hoyos playing the drums, and the band is also listening to offers from different places like Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru as well as from several cities in Colombia with the purpose of organizing the promotional tour of the album.

    Cristian Malaver (vocalista), Age Of Kronos(vocalista), ex-Abstract Enemy(voz).

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