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Formed in January/2007 by Marquéz(Lead Guitars) and Ochoa(Drums). Once Juan Galaja joined the band in april/2007, they decided to go for a first single, Nuclear Hell, and recorded it at Studio Klave with Nelson Montoya as engineer and Marquéz playing the bass. They are working in their self titled Debut. The main lyrical themes are quite close to the heavy metal cliché, with some personal traces of surrealism, in addition to hedonic and narcisistic points of view, both in the lyrical and the aestethic aspect of the songs. "We're just playing Heavy Metal, we like the way it is, we're neither in that naive quest of discovering a shitty 'new genre' nor contaminating music with stupid noises, not either with sophisms based on what mallcore idiocy miscalled originality... We're just sharing our own vision of the world through the music we love; a mixture of heart, wood, steel, and drums...We will keep it Metal, Heavy Metal." Ztranger is a heavy metal band influenced by Icons like Judas Priest, Racer X, Sinner, Loudness, Axel Rudi Pell, and some others like Primal fear and a little dose of early Helloween and W.A.S.P