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Amputated Genitals - Origin Of Murder (2019) | Bandas de Brutal Death Metal

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Amputated Genitals - 'Origin Of Murder' (2019) Sello Discografico: 'Sevared Records'|Discos de Brutal Death Metal
Grabado / Mezclado / Masterizado por Full Force Studio.

Producido por Gore and Blood Productions.

Editado por Sevared Records.
1.Condemnation And Atrocious Embodiment Of The Vile (the Beginning Of A New Resurgence) 04:31
2.Primitive Killer (the Goddess Of Vengeance) 02:03
3.The Blood Runs Once Again (acaime - The Dream Of El Dorado) 03:06
4.Impaled Conqueror (the One Night And Fire Gave Birth To) 02:46
5.Banished Into The Eternal Torment (the Curse Of The Golden God) 03:27
6.Carnivorous Battle Against Fear And Possession Of The Mighty Wild (let The New Order Begin) 04:39
7.The Kings Crucifixion (injuring All Believers Ceremonies) 03:09
8.Abominable Thirst To Drink His Blood And Eat His Flesh (rebirth Of A New Territory From The Sorrow O 03:03
Daniel Paz (Bajo, Guitarras)
Beto Drunks Martinez (Bateria)
James Shuster (Vocalista)
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