Carnagia 'Display Of Hate' 2015|Discos de Brutal Death Metal

Carnagia - Display Of Hate (2015) |(Discos de Brutal Death Metal) Grupos de Brutal Death Metal

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Carnagia(Bogotá)Portadas de Discos de Brutal Death Metal
Carnagia - 'Display Of Hate' (2015) Sellos Discograficos de Brutal Death Metal: 'Bhumidhuka Productions'|Discos de Brutal Death Metal
1. Before You Die I'll Extract Your Heart
2. Wicked Supremacy
3. Ghastly Sexual Abduction
4. Dancing Among Corpses
5. Perpetuality
6. Display of Hate
7. Cold Blood Evolution
8. Unholy Feasting
9. Cybernetic Cosmic Creation
10. Burial Ground's Offering
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