Purulent - 'Garavitos Pedophilia Tales' (2001) |Discos de Bandas Colombianas

Purulent - Garavitos Pedophilia Tales (2001) |(Disco, Album) Agrupaciones Colombianas

Purulent Bandas Colombianas
Purulent - 'Garavitos Pedophilia Tales' (2001) Sello discografico 'Mutilated Records'|Discos de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas.
1.I Hate Your Dreadful Harelip
2.Cold Blood Slaughter
3.Kingdom Of Bastards
4.Torture Inside Of Me
5.Garavito's Pedophilia Tales
6.And I Put My Finger In His Ass...
7.Orgy Of Knife And Blood
9.My Quartered Stepmother
10.*Torture Inside Of Me (taken from their promo 99)
11.*My Quartered Stepmother (taken from their promo 00)
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