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La Pestilencia, Punk|Hardcore, Bogota, Los Angeles.

Activa, Emi Music Colombia

La Pestilencia, Bandas de Punk|Hardcore de Bogota, Los Angeles.
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    Created in 1986 as an idea of Dilson Díaz and Hector Buitrago (Aterciopelados). Those who liked to collect punk records from the eighties.

    Dilson Díaz and Hector Buitrago met with Francisco Nieto (guitar), who would later be part of Neurosis and La Derecha, and that it would bring Jorge León Pineda (drummers), who was studying journalism at the time and who instantly understood the ideas that La Peste brought with him.

    The initial stage in the structure of the band took place in Bogotá, Colombia, in which it would begin through a cassette with four songs in it, without names or cover. The project caused a stir very early, the site that would be one of the first ensayaderos of La Pestilencia, was a house in the Los Alcázares neighborhood of the capital, and that not stopping there it expanded to other sectors throughout Bogotá, including Bavaria, La Candelaria and the Universidad Nacional. A living myth in the mouth of adepts of Punk , metal, the police, journalists and even intellectuals, who through their comments were in charge of increasing the popularity of this band.

    Most large-scale events of which La Pestilencia ended in disputes and the press simply took it upon themselves to label this as: 'La Pestilencia, one of the most rebellious rock bands of the Colombian capital and expresses how only they know the discontent present in youth. ' Headlines like these were common when La Pestilencia started its history, and were a way of referring to the lyrical content of the band, challenger and loaded with a present social discontent. Thanks to Jorge León Pineda (drums), the album album La Muerte? Un Compromiso de todos (1989) , and which would be one of the most outstanding records of La Pestilencia, which includes songs like "Fango(Mud)? "Ole" and "Vive Tu Vida (Live Your Life)".

     La Pestilencia - Las Nuevas Aventuras De La Pestilencia (1993)

    La Pestilencia - Las Nuevas Aventuras De La Pestilencia (1993)

    Finishing off the eighties, Dilson Díaz would lead La Pestilencia to a brand new era, now without Hector Buitrago , who was now retired from the band and who would be in charge of creating Los Aterciopelados with Andrea Echeverri .

    Pestilence is now moving to Medellín, where Dilson Díaz gets in touch with three of his colleagues who in a hurried way would create something stronger this time. The lineup at the time of La Pestilencia was made up of: Carlos Escobar (guitar), Marcelo Gómez (drums) and Juan Gomez (low).

    With this current adaptation of the band, a much higher satisfaction point would be reached through LP Las Nuevas Aventuras De La Pestilencia (1993), and a record material called El Amarillista (1997) . La Pestilencia was then beginning to take hold amid the rock scene in Colombia.

    La Pestilencia - El Amarillista ( 1997)

    La Pestilencia - El Amarillista (1997)

    The publications of all his albums were then covering the entire country, and not only Colombia, but also Germany, Spain and Brazil. This band would begin to appear regularly at the most important festival in all of South America, the Festival of Rock Al Parque, in its editions of the years 96, 97, 98 and 1999. La Pestilencia would support Metallica in Colombia in front of a crowd of almost 60,000 people at the event in 1999.

    Other large-scale events included the Rock a lo Paisa Festival , and El Rockaton de Medellín , and a festival in Bogotá, next to the Mexican Molotov Band , Angeles del Infierno and Animal , shortly before flying to North American territory to record their fourth musical album in studio: Balistica .

    In one of the most legendary studios in the rock genre: Malibu's Indigo Ranch , La Pestilencia would then record having Richard Kaplan As a producer ( Slipknot debut album), the product of this studio would take them directly to play on MTV, with the video of the song Dream Awake , and to sign a contract with Universal Music , with which he would sign in 2001. The Balistica album made ?La Peste? more popular, even becoming known in Central America, where they toured alongside the Brazilian Band Sepultura , at the same time as the Shock Awards , they nominated La Pestilencia as one of the best Colombian bands , one of the best metal bands , and best video.

    In 2001 this band settled in the city of Los Angeles, California , where Carlos Marín (guitar) and Popa (keyboards) would join ), who had previously had experience in Colombian bands like Kilcrops and Agony .

    La Pestilencia - Balistica (2000)

    La Pestilencia - Balistica (2000)

    At the same time they carried out various interventions in very popular American clubs such as House Of Blues and Viper Room . La Pestilencia would now create his most modern compact disc, titled Productos Desaparecidos , this time produced by Mark Needham , noted for his activity on the The Killers debut album . The Productos Desaparecidos album, would lead this time to La Pestilencia , to be signed directly with EMI Music , giving the band wide publicity through all the national media.

    In this way, the Productos Desaparecidos album, one of the editions most successful ever of one of the rock bands in Colombia , it would become the first album by I prayed throughout history for a Punk Rock band, and he led 80,000 people to his presentation at Rock al Parque festival 2006.

    Winner for best artist at the 2006 MTV Latino Awards, best cover, best recording of the year, best metal band at the 2006 Shock Awards.

     La Pestilencia - Productos Desaparecidos (2005)

    La Pestilencia - Productos Desaparecidos (2005)

    Sponsored by the Gibson brand and with all its material available through the Itunes platform, La Pestilencia pointed out with his album Productos Desaparecidos which is one of the Rock bands with the maximum world projection of Colombia, a band which maintains that classic aesthetic punk rock from the 80s, although it is also renewed with the latest genres that appear, without departing at any moment from the different emotional states to which the new man has to be exposed as a consequence of a system, and denounces them through their messages based on the wrong policy, an unjust commercialization of the forests , corruption and the war it generates.

    All these ideas are evidenced in the video material of his promotional songs Pacifista and Nada me obliga, material that was constantly broadcast on MTV, and in his song Ahora It costs me that he enjoyed a privileged position in the top 100 of Radionica's best songs of 2006.

    In 1989 La Pestilencia independently recorded the first of his LP's titled La Muerte? Un Compromiso De Todos . Dilson Diaz had certain problems with his voice on this particular album, which are reflected in his recordings, giving a distinctive style to his sound, this album would consolidate La Pestilencia within the underground scene in Colombia .

    La Pestilencia - Paranormal (2011)

    La Pestilencia - Paranormal ( 2011)

    Las Nuevas Aventuras de?La Pestilencia was recorded in 1993 and his third album is produced by Estudios El Pez de Medellín and is called El Amarillista, which brings 15 songs, 5 of which are live recordings.

    One of the most important tours in the entire history of the La Pestilencia band is their Pestibal Tour 2006 tour, which would include cities like Bogotá, Medellín and Cali . They were also invited to play at the park rock festival 2006, year in which the videos of their songs: Nada Me Obliga and Pacifista were still promoted on the MTV channel.

    Dilson Diaz (voz), Confusion(Bajo, Voz), ex-Masacre(Bajo, Coros).
    Carlos Marin (guitarra), Agony(guitarra), ex-Kilcrops(Guitarra (como Carlos Alberto Marin)).
    Isabel Valencia (bajo).
    Marcelo Gomez (bateria), ex-Athanator(bateria).

    Letra y video de Ahora Me Cuesta
    Letra y video de Amor
    Letra y video de Apatia
    Letra y video de Cartoneros
    Letra y video de Ciencia De La Autodestruccion
    Letra y video de Condicion Infrahumana
    Letra y video de Descalzo Y Al Vacio
    Letra y video de Desmontemos Esta Farsa
    Letra y video de Desnutricion En Somalia
    Letra y video de Destruccion Y Muerte
    Letra y video de El Pueblo Deberia
    Letra y video de Eso Necesito
    Letra y video de Estetica De Leche
    Letra y video de Fango
    Letra y video de Hasta Cuando Hasta Siempre
    Letra y video de Hoy De Nuevo
    Letra y video de Los Mitos Se Acaban
    Letra y video de Me Arrepenti De Morir
    Letra y video de Mentiras
    Letra y video de Metastasis Canceroso
    Letra y video de Nada Me Obliga
    Letra y video de Neron Secuestrador
    Letra y video de No
    Letra y video de Ole
    Letra y video de Pacifista
    Letra y video de Para Pocos
    Letra y video de Pestevision
    Letra y video de Pestilencia
    Letra y video de Que Buen Ciudadano Soy
    Letra y video de Sangre Por Sangre
    Letra y video de Sed De Poder
    Letra y video de Ser Tu Mismo
    Letra y video de Sicarios
    Letra y video de Soldado Mutilado
    Letra y video de Soñar Despierto
    Letra y video de Tercos
    Letra y video de Tus Derechos Organicos
    Letra y video de Verde Paz
    Letra y video de Vive Tu Vida
    Letra y video de Vote Por Mi
    Letra y video de Ya No Mas


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